Interested in College or University? Get Ahead with UPS

So you've studied abroad and gotten a taste for the exciting life of the international student. But did you know that your study abroad experience doesn’t have to end after Kaplan? Learning English will open the doors to a number of opportunities and can be the beginning of a future full of possibilities, so why not continue your higher education at an English-speaking college or university?

Our University Placement Service (UPS) can help you! We spoke to our UPS advisors in Canada to find out all you need to know about using our service.

  • We have access to over 150 partner institutions in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand
  • We can help you pick the right course and institution based on your English level and your educational goals
  • We’ll help you apply to a university, and support you when filling out your application form
University Placement Service
Find out if university is right for you.


What are the benefits of using UPS?

  • Receive information about institutions from rankings to locations and tuition fees
  • Find out if you're eligible to apply to university, we'll pre-screen your transcripts
  • Secure a conditional offer before arrival to support your study permit application
  • Benefit from a transfer based on KIE level completion (may not apply in all locations)
  • Gain advice and counseling at the schools


Can I use UPS before arriving at Kaplan?

Yes of course!

“Many students start thinking about their plans before they leave their home country. They want to know in advance which institutes they qualify for, which institutes offer their major and what the associated costs are. Kaplan can assist with a conditional offer from an institute which helps many students with their visa or study permit application as well as secures a seat for them pending their English requirement.”


I didn't know about UPS before, can I use the service once at school?

Yes, students will still be able to use the service once they arrive. It's best to get in touch with someone at the school, whether that’s your teacher, the Director of Studies, or Student Services.

“If a student indicates after arrival that they want to proceed to college or university, we have the UPS counselors meet with them. Many of our schools have dedicated UPS counselors who are available to go over the students’ preferences, and their English level. Based on those, they will make recommendations for the students, screen their transcripts, and assist with an application.”


I’m not sure what I want to study – can you help?

That’s okay, you’ve definitely taken the first step in learning English, and once you’ve met with your UPS advisor they’ll be able to take you through our partner institutions, your intended level of English and desired career goals, and help suggest what courses you’re able to take.

“Some students know exactly what they want and just want us to assist with the application. Others will take more time to consider their options before proceeding. Our advice is to let the schools know in an early stage, even during orientation, what their plans are.”


Do I need to take an IELTS or TOEFL® before applying to a university?

One way you’ll benefit with Kaplan is through our university partnerships, which means in many of our destinations you may be able to transfer directly to your desired college or university.

“We have transfer agreements with a number of institutes that allow students to complete a Kaplan level for direct entry into a program. In Canada this is key in UPS: students are exempt from IELTS or TOEFL scores and can submit their KIE certificate as proof of English!”


apply to university or college
With our University Placement Service, we can help you apply to a university or college


How do I know what level my English needs to be?

It always helps to know if you want to progress on to a university or college before starting at Kaplan in order to plan for enough weeks to get your English skills up to a university level. However if choose to apply once at Kaplan you can always extend your study time.

“It doesn’t matter what English level you are at the time of applying! We help many students apply for a conditional offer even when their English is still at a Lower Intermediate level. If the student is at the school, looking at their progress helps us estimate which university or college intake date we will apply. If the student’s English is progressing faster or slower, we also assist with amending the university or college intake date.”


What types of institutions and programs can you help me apply for?

Kaplan has over 150 partner institutions all over the world from traditional universities to community colleges.

"Our agreements allow students to transfer not only into undergraduate programs (certificates to bachelor degrees), but also graduate level ones (masters and graduate certificates). We help students with anything from Business, Health Sciences, Engineering to Fashion Design and Digital Media, and Music.”

Many of our schools also host fair days, which gives students the opportunity to meet different institutions to find out what courses are offered, compare facilities and help student think about life after Kaplan. Take a look at our UPS in Toronto:


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