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Film and television is a thriving and globalized industry, so it’s no wonder that so many cities play host to the productions we all know and love. The movie industry is built on the concept of illusion, transforming our ordinary world into something extraordinary. So how much do you really know about the places where some of the most influential movies were filmed?

Kaplan's diverse destinations around the world are filled with adventure, wonderful local culture and the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in English, but did you know they are also home to some of the most beloved films? Take a look at a few of the major cities used by the film industry – you might be surprised that the place you were thinking of studying English is also a popular filming location!



Filming location London
London has been the backdrop for plenty of big blockbuster hits


The city of London has historically been used as a venue for film and television series. Who can forget the eerily still crowd gathered around Parliament in V for Vendetta? The crew was only allowed to shoot between midnight and 4 AM and wasn’t able to stop traffic for more than 4 minutes at a time!

In fact, London is a popular destination for action and adventure films like Sherlock Holmes, Shaun of the Dead and A Clockwork Orange.

And who can forget Harry Potter? Do you remember the first time that little Harry discovered his magic abilities while talking to the snake? This was shot at the London Zoo's Reptile House in Regent Garden. And the scene in which Harry, Hermoine and Ron jump off the road to avoid being hit by a bus? This was shot in London’s Piccadilly Circus, which is only a short distance from both our London Covent Garden and London Leicester Square schools.



Filming Location Manchester
Manchester is an ideal location for period pieces


Situated in the North of Great Britain, Manchester is a city that embraces the different periods of the time that have influenced its physical and cultural development. In fact, so many streets still look like they did decades ago that this has become an ideal location for filming period features. And they don’t all take place in England! Dale Street has been used for films about New York City in the 1940s. Hide the traffic signs and add some special effects, and you’ll find yourself in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Football fans have of course heard of Eric Cantona, the Manchester United star who turned football into an art and philosophy. Looking for Eric, a film about a postman who uses football to escape the stresses of everyday life, was filmed in this distinctive city and starred Cantona himself. Old Trafford Stadium appears in the film with real footage of Cantona playing in a number of club matches.



Filming location Chicago
How many movies based in Chicago have you seen?


Let’s not forget about Chicago. This city has been home to a number of unforgettable childhood classics, the most famous of which is Home Alone. We all know the story of Keven, the child who was left at home while his family traveled to Paris for Christmas. But did you know you can visit his house in South Chicago on Lincoln Avenue?

And it’s not just feel-good family movies that take place in this city. Do you remember the Gotham National Bank that the joker robs in The Dark Knight? You'll be surprised when we tell you that Gotham National Bank was just a post office in Chicago, and that the funeral of the police inspector was on South LaSalle Street!

If you choose to study at our English school in Chicago, you can visit most of these locations up close!


New York

Filming location New York
From rom-coms to hair raising thrillers, New York has featured in thousands of films


Let us take you back to the 1970s when Martin Scorsese filmed his most famous movie, Taxi Driver. Scorsese tried not utilize any recognizable locations, but the revolving circle of Columbus is evident during the scene where Robert de Niro was planning to shoot a politician.

This city also hosted Leonardo DiCaprio when he played the role of con artist Frank Abagnale Jr. in Catch Me If You Can, traveling between the different areas and buildings of New York City as he took on different professions: a doctor, a pilot, and even a deputy general. We challenge you to watch this film again and see how many famous places you recognize!

Did you know one of our English schools in New York is situated in the Empire State Building? This is a popular filming destinations for movies that take place in NYC.



Filming location Seattle
Try not to fall in love with this iconic film destination


Probably most famous as the indie music capital of the US, Seattle has been home to plenty of iconic romantic comedies. The most memorable of these has to be Sleepless in Seattle, the epic story of distant lovers that connect because of a little boy’s call into a talk radio show. There are many locations where this movie was filmed, but the harbor on the shores of Lake Union is probably the most recognizable spot.

And we can’t leave the 1990's without mentioning the famous 10 Things I Hate About You which was filmed across Lake Union, Gasworks Park and the beautiful Stadium High School in Tacoma.


Los Angeles

Filming location Los Angeles
The center of the movie industry in the US, LA is a hot spot for celebreties and dreamers


Los Angeles may be the biggest city when it comes to film production. In fact, this city has hosted more movies than we can list, but one of the most influential scenes that was shot in LA was in The Godfather when Robert Duvall presented John Marley with an offer he couldn’t refuse. This was shot at a Beverly Hills mansion known as Beverly House.

And do you remember that scene from Inception, in which a train suddenly appears on the streets of the city? The train is on S. Spring Street in downtown LA, heading north as it speeds through the intersection of Spring 7th Street. This was not a visual effect but a small wheeled locomotive specially made to be driven across the street.

Fans of famous Hollywood trivia and memorabilia would be pleased to know that our English School in Los Angeles Westwood is right next to Beverley Hills and only a short distance from Hollywood, the home of the LA’s movie industry!


Did you learn English in one of Kaplan's previous destinations or in other destinations? Do you know more films filmed in one of Kaplan's different destinations? Why not share it in the comments section below?


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