Mother's Day in the UK & Ireland

Mother’s Day, a day to show your appreciation for your mother, is a holiday celebrated in 40 countries on different dates all over the world – but where did Mother's Day really come from?

The history of Mother's Day

According to some history books the holiday was founded in America by Anna Marie Jarvis, she famously held a memorial ceremony for her late mother on the 10th of May 1908, and later embarked on campaigning to make Mother’s Day a recognized holiday. Eventually after extremely persistent efforts, Mother’s Day was finally proclaimed a national holiday in 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson. However it is actually believed that the United Kingdom has been celebrating Mother’s Day (Mothering Sunday) long before the Americans declared it as an official holiday, in fact many historians believe Mothering Sunday evolved from the 16th century.

So now you have an idea of how Mother's Day started, the important part is to keep celebrating it and appreciating the women in your life who help support you through the good and bad moments.

Our Mother's Day competition

In celebration of Mother's Day which falls on Sunday 6th March, we're shining a light on our host mothers who look help look after our international students. So if you're currently studying in one of our schools in the UK or Ireland and live with a host family, why not nominate your host mom this Mother's Day and simply enter our competition. Perhaps she's shown you around your new city, introduced you to new food, helped you improve your English or simply helped make your time studying abroad more enjoyable.

Mother's Day in the UK
Here's Sang Bu Rah, a Korean student with his host mom in Bournemouth.

How to enter:

  • Just upload a photo or video of you and your host mom to Instagram using the hashtag #KaplanHostMother and tell us why you're nominating her
  • Why not fill out our survey and let us know more about your host mom -
  • Competition closes at 12pm on Friday 4th March

Upload a photo of your and your host mom to Instagram
Upload a photo of your and your host mom to Instagram

What you could win:

Stand a chance to win a £100 Amazon gift voucher and £100 restaurant voucher (and treat your host family to a meal!)

Please find our Terms and Conditions here.

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