The Kaplan Euro Championship Mega Post

Since 1960, European football teams have competed every four years in the EUFA Championship, or, the Euros. This year’s championship marked the 15th Euro Cup, and we're watched every second of it. So how has the English language played its part in the history of the Euros? How do international players communicate with each other and their adoring fans?


We all know how dedicated football fans can be, so we put together a handy list of our past football-related blog posts to help bring life to the story of the game. Learn a bit more about the language of football and how English could benefit your athletic career. See which famous football stars have passed through Kaplan’s esteemed halls, and test your knowledge of the game. And, of course, let us know which team you are rooting for!

Euro Championship 2016
Who are you rooting for?


The Language of Football

English for Sports

Football Star Students

Euro Championship 2016
How much do you know about Football terms in English? Let us know!


If you are interested in knowing more about the European Championships and some of the qualifying matches, check out the video above. Show us how much you know about the game by testing your knowledge of football with our quiz.

And if you are still eager to learn more—or just want to brag about what percentage you got on our quiz— leave us some comments below!

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