Kaplan City Guide: Salisbury

Probably best known for its historical significance, Salisbury is a hotspot for British culture, antiquity, and traditional English cuisine. If you are looking to experience a little slice of England's ancestry, this is the perfect place.

Get a taste of the countryside and delight in the awe-inspiring architecture of the medieval cathedral. Enjoy the local markets and buzzing nightlife during the weekends. And maybe see the part of the Magna Carta while you are there!

Visit cultural hot spots

“Salisbury has one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world, which is surrounded by an enormous garden.”

Tip provided by:

Khaled Saad Alharbi, Saudi Arabia

Student at Salisbury Cathedral
Spend some time studying in the beautiful gardens of Salisbury Cathedral.


Built in the early 1200s and boasting the tallest church spire in the United Kingdom, Salisbury Cathedral is one of Britain’s most historic and beautiful places of worship. Not only is it a medieval masterpiece, but it is also home to one of the four original documents in the 1215 Magna Carta, which is available to view in an interactive exhibit in the 13th century Chapter House. The Cathedral also offers space for contemporary art exhibitions, along with paintings, sculptures, textiles, and architecture meant to complement spiritual impact and heighten the overall experience. Many of our students love to visit the grounds and enjoy relaxing, studying, or chatting with friends in the large garden.

Take advantage of Salisbury’s transport

“I would recommend that students buy a weekly bus pass, as the buses are really easy to use and will save you having to buy tickets each time.”

Tip provided by:

Chloe Truelle, France

Public Transit Salisbury
You can walk or take the bus, you choose!


Thanks to Salisbury’s excellent bus and rail infrastructure, it is easy to get around and fairly cheap to use the transit system. Not only will buying a weekly bus pass save you money (and time) the bus network is a great way of navigating around the town, making it easier to discover the local area. And think of what you can do with all that money you save! Maybe have a nice meal with friends or enjoy a bit of shopping at one of Salisbury’s many independent shops and boutiques.

Explore the area with your friends

“I definitely recommend going to pubs in the evening to learn about life in the area. And, if the temperatures rise over the weekend, it's worth taking a trip to Bournemouth beach.”

Tip provided by:

Volkmar Grimm, Germany

Exploring Salisbury
Explore the town with your friends.


With easy transit access, Salisbury offers you the experience of life in the country while still being able to jump over to London or a seaside town like Bournemouth. If the weather is a bit gloomy, you can visit one of the many pubs or restaurants. The United Kingdom has a rich pub culture, so why not spend a lazy afternoon by the fire catching up with friends or practicing your English? And if the weather is nice, grab a train to Bournemouth and you’ll be at the beach in just over an hour. Though Britain is not famous for it’s sunny weather, people definitely take advantage of the sunshine when they get it!

Enjoy traditional British cuisine

"I recommend you that you try a dish called cream tea, which is considered to be one of England’s most traditional customs."

Tip provided by:

Khaled Saad Alharbi, Saudi Arabia

English tea and crumpets
Indulge in a fashionable English meal of crumpets and tea.


One of the best parts of living in a new city is trying out unfamiliar foods and visiting new restaurants. Salisbury has a wide range of restaurants, pubs and cafés, offering everything from Indian cuisine to French, Italian, and traditional English. It is definitely worth checking out the Market Place and many of the historic streets in the city center if you are looking for interesting and affordable food. Every September, the city hosts an annual weeklong food festival ending with the Food and Drink Market in the Market Place. So whether you are looking for a nice sit down meal or some tasty street food, there are plenty of options to choose from. A lot of our students particularly enjoy the Indian restaurants in Salisbury, especially one of the many that offer weekly discounts for students. One of the main popular culinary traditions worth trying is the time-honored English Cream Tea, which commonly includes tea and fresh scones and jam. This is served in most cafés in Salisbury.

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